I help first time leaders achieve career success

Hi, I’m Alison. I’ve coached and trained hundreds of leaders, and there is one thing I know for sure. Leaders are made, not born. 

The biggest problem I see with leadership development today is that first time leaders do not have enough support within their organizations to truly succeed. Many first time leaders I know are stressed from juggling too many balls at once, struggling to get their team to perform, and feel unsupported amidst the constant change and uncertainty of their work environments.

My mission is provide the individualized training and on-demand coaching support that first time leaders need to build trustworthy, motivated teams and transform their lives at work.

Leadership isn't about personality. It's about cause and effect

We’ll get you focused on the simple actions that create huge impact. You’ll find that just like going to the gym, leadership is about doing these simple actions every day, over time. You won’t see the change in a day, but you’ll see the transformation in 3 months. It will look magical, but it’s simply cause and effect.

From This

You come to work, and are forced to drop your planned activities to deal with the latest “urgent issue” coming from management or your team. It’s stretching you out – juggling so many things. Your team is struggling, and they aren’t achieving results fast enough. Despite all that effort, you and your team are not getting enough recognition from management.

To This

You are calm, focused and excited to start your day. In the team leader meeting, you succeeded in influencing others to recognize that it is best for you and your team to prioritize efforts on true value generating activities. You look around and your team is happy, motivated and collaborating well. Management is noticing, and even recognized your team with the huge new project!

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